What Our Food Department Is Loving Now

March 25, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

Here’s a look at what we’re loving besides our latest batch of strawberry desserts in our April issue.

mapofthesouth 1 grande What Our Food Department Is Loving Now

Photo from Bearings Guide

Hunter Lewis, Executive Editor

“I love the smart screen prints that Bearings Print Shop is doing. They’re making and selling everything from pig and cow prints to things like whiskey and cigar prints. I want their map of the South on my office wall.”

quick chicken noodle bowls sl x What Our Food Department Is Loving Now

Photo by Jennifer Davick

Whitney Wright, Deputy Food Director

“Soba noodles! I’ve been eating them at least once a day…for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’m addicted to their wonderfully chewy texture. My favorite is a warm bowl of soba noodles for breakfast with a poached egg, sliced scallions and a few dashes of sesame oil. Plus, they’re as fabulous cold as they are hot, so they make the tastiest brown-bag lunch. ”

Try our Quick Chicken Noodle Bowls Recipe if you’re intrigued.

Save Room: April 2014

Photo by Hector Sanchez

Pam Lolley, Test Kitchen Professional

“I’m into all things green and springy — baby lettuces and kale (grown by moi!), asparagus, snow peas and fresh herbs that are growing now like chives, parsley and cilantro. Quick sides and mains are a stir fry or grilling session away.”

Close-up, can of Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale on seamless.

Photo by Ralph Anderson

Hannah Hayes, Assistant Food Editor

“As I continue on my journey toward becoming a Birminghamian, I am now a super fan of our city’s native beverage Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale. But this ain’t just any ginger ale. Its spicy, almost fruity flavor is the kind that “grabs you and shakes you around a little bit” as my father would say. Sometimes I ask for it mixed with bourbon at my favorite nighttime spot, Parkside.”


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