Help Us Find The Ultimate Tailgater (Auburn And Alabama)

159086076 Help Us Find The Ultimate Tailgater (Auburn And Alabama)

Photo: MCT via Getty Images

The ultimate tailgater. Is there a more divisive title? Is there a more elusive creature? Each school has one. There’s no doubt of that. But how do you know when you’ve found the ultimate tailgater? Put simply, you can never be sure.

Try as we might, mere man can never dub anyone the ultimate tailgater. But we can sure as heck try. And it’s May, which means it’s spring. Around here, that’s a good enough reason to be talking college football.

And that’s where you come in. You’re going to help us find the ultimate tailgater at two schools, two you often hear in the same sentence: Auburn and Alabama.

Define the phrase however you want. We all know it’s undefinable. Whether it’s the most elaborate setup, the craziest ensemble, the smokiest grillmaster of them all, you decide. Totally up to you. But we want to hear about them.

How to Nominate
Email with the following information: Your name and contact information. The name and contact information of your nominee for ultimate tailgater. And toss in some photos, both of the tailgater and the tailgate. Auburn and Alabama only. Sorry, the rest of the SEC–I know it hurts; I’m an LSU Tiger, myself, but them’s the breaks, kid–you’ll have your chance soon enough.


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