Sunday Supper: Mother’s Day Pancakes

This week, Sunday Supper comes one day early so you can plan ahead for Mom’s special day tomorrow.

“Mom knows best” is more than just a saying—from playing doctor when you’re sick to effortlessly whipping up a delicious, comforting meal, mom really does it all. If we had it our way, we’d make every day Mother’s Day. And what better way to show your appreciation tomorrow than giving her the morning off? Step into the kitchen, tie on an apron, and make a savory-sweet stack of pancakes from-scratch, just for Mom.

Whether you mix chocolate chips into the batter or top ‘em with fresh berries and whipped cream, there are endless ways to make a great pancake. Pancake-like foods have existed for thousands of years. The ancient Greek made tagēnias, flat cakes made with wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and milk. During the middle ages, the French invented crepes, another close cousin of the modern day pancake. In America, George Washington started every day with a stack of cornmeal-based hoecakes drizzled with melted butter and honey. (Get the recipe here!)

Because mom deserves the best, we’ve chosen our top pancake recipes for you to make—including a savory cake garnished with sweet peaches and a modern take on classic Southern Hummingbird Cake. Serve ’em with crisp bacon or a fresh fruit salad. From all of us at Southern Living, Happy Mother’s Day!

Hummingbird Pancakes

Sweet Peach Pancakes

Caramel Cake Pancakes

Snappy side: Fruit Salad with Yogurt 

For more ideas and information, check out 12 Perfect Pancake Ideas and our Bacon Cooking Basics guide.


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