Cozies: The Coolest Thing Since the Invention of Beer

May 16, 2014 | By | Comments (3)

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When someone asks, “What would you like to drink?,” think about your response. Do you answer “beer” or “cold beer?” If you’re in the cold beer camp and you pronounce the first word “cole,” as in coleslaw, chances are the temperature of your beer matters. A lot. Chances are you also own some cozies.

The cozie (aka coozie, Koozie, or hugger) is that foam thingy that keeps beer cold by providing a layer of insulation between your sweaty mitts and the cold aluminum or glass that immediately begin to condense in the humid swelter.

Just as important, cozies are cultural currency. They tell us where you’ve been and who you are. They tell us whose wedding you were invited to, which beach town you visited, what band you listen to, and which school you’re rooting for at the tailgate. I was granted exactly two choices at my own wedding. One was the menu. The second: Did I like the Carolina blue cozie? Check. It fits a 12-oz. can of Coors Light like a glove, and my wife and I keep a few of them mixed in with two dozen more in a bowl above the garage fridge.

Deputy Editor Jennifer Cole takes her cozie collection to the next level, storing her 100 or so cozies in smart fashion by neatly stacking them vertically in a wooden wine crate. If you’re lucky enough to score an invite over to her porch and you ask for a “cole” beer, Jennifer will offer up her wine crate of cozies as a natural conversation starter.

“People ask, ‘aren’t you afraid that guests are going to steal them,’” Jennifer says. “But that’s half the point. I expect people to walk off with them. Every Southern occasion comes with a cozie.”

Show us your cozies! Tag your posts, tweets, and Instagrams with #SouthernFoodNow. You might just be featured on The Daily South.

Photo by Hector Sanchez

Photo by Hector Sanchez


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  3. Robyn Shelly

    Where i live in Far North Queensland-climatic equivalent to the South in Australia- they are in common usage in bars. it helps keep tables dryer than if the bottle or can is not covered. Design are wild from the profane and witty to the simply odd. But a complete necessity

    May 16, 2014 at 8:20 pm

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