This Summer’s Power Couple: Fried Chicken and Champagne

May 22, 2014 | By | Comments (2)


A-Z Guide To Southern FoodThere’s no better pairing than Champagne and fried chicken—and not just because it’s the perfect mix of high and low we Southerners love so much.

Its effervescent acidity works as the ultimate grease cutter, keeping your palate crisp and clean as you chow through the salty deliciousness of fried yardbird. You don’t have to spend big, but do opt for a dry sparkling wine, such as Spanish Cava. As much as we love Prosecco, its frothy bubbles and higher sugar just don’t cut the fat.

Got a hankering while you’re on the road this summer and fall? Our favorite pairing features prominently on the menus of the following joints: Bird & Bubbles, NYC. Sarah Simmons will open this fried chicken-and-Champagne-centric venue near City Grit, her restaurant incubator, culinary salon, and pop up restaurant. Beasley’s Chicken & Honey, Raleigh. Ashley Christensen’s ode to chicken and champers features 13 different Champagne and sparkling options, from a $6 glass of Cava on up to vintage Krug ($429). The latter falls in a category she refers to as “Royal Jelly.” Max’s Wine Dive ,a pan-regional chain that started in Houston and now has 8 locations across Texas and even in Chicago and Atlanta. Their slogan is: “Fried Chicken and Champagne?… Why the Hell Not?!”

What’s your favorite fried chicken joint? Tag your posts, tweets, and Instagrams with #SouthernFoodNow. You might just be featured on The Daily South.

southernfoodnow online banner This Summers Power Couple: Fried Chicken and Champagne


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