Ledbury’s Paul Trible Tells You How to Treat Dad This Father’s Day

June 13, 2014 | By | Comments (2)

Photo courtesy Casey Templeton

When it comes to style it doesn’t get much more dapper than Ledbury co-founder and CEO Paul Trible, a Virginia-born menswear designer who learned the trade in London before returning to his home state to launch a line of sleek shirting, blazers, and accessories.

Most recently Paul and business partner, Paul Watson, launched an initiative to help young makers get their foot in the market: The Ledbury Launch Fund. On June 16 to 24, log in to vote on which entrepreneur will win the $25,000 prize and a year of mentorship with the Ledbury fellows.

So what does one of the South’s most stylish men get his dad for Father’s Day? Paul gave us the scoop on the luxe pieces worth the splurge for your number one guy.

Neckwear: It has always amazed me that nearly all fathers look great in a bow tie. If I wear a bow tie, people start asking me for drinks, but as soon as my father wraps one around his neck, it is nothing but compliments. This year, get your dad a handmade number from Nashville tie maker Otis James.

Moscow Mules For Everyone: Most dads have a signature drink. Mine would be a Moscow Mule, and this handmade copper cup from our friends at Kaufmann Mercantile makes sure it is enjoyed in style. And if your dad is a man on the go, look further and you will find a flask to match.

Tools: Dads need a way to carry tools. It’s scientifically proven. Hand-Eye Supply’s canvas bag takes care of that.

Knives: One of the most important roles that any father plays is that of the carver at the dinner table. Pick up a custom blade from Williams Knife Co. of Greenville, South Carolina. Each piece is handcrafted and should last a generation. And that is a good thing, because it will be you up there before you know it.

Watches: Maybe it is a stretch, but if your dad has had one hell of a year, a vintage watch is the perfect gift. A classic 60s-era Omega will remind him of great times in the past and goods things to come in the future.

Wallet: Most dads won’t admit it, but nearly every one of them could use a new wallet. For the cash-carrying man, I would recommend a wallet/money clip hybrid from Lynchburg, Virginia-based Moore & Giles. They have been leather experts for over a century, and their products last nearly as long.

Wingtips: The old adage is to give what you want to receive. I’ve had my eye on Peter Nappi’s new Amadeo wingtips, and I have a strong suspicion most fathers would enjoy these as well. Designed in Nashville and handmade in Tuscany? Can’t go wrong.

Shirts: How could I resist? Every father has a closet full of blue shirts, but update your dad’s wardrobe with one of our blue linen check. He’s going to love the tattersall check and the soft feel of French linen. Your mom will thank you, too.

Ties: The ubiquitous Father’s Day gift. If you’re going to go this route, you need to do it right. Your dad may remember knit ties from another time, but they’ve never looked so cool: Go with our Navy Morgan Knit Tie.

Glasses: The drugstore reading glasses can only go so far. Update your father’s looks with a pair of Warby Parker reading glasses. They look sharp, the price is right, and for every pair you buy, they send a pair to someone in need. What more could you ask for?

What will you be gifting your dad this Father’s Day? 


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  2. Dior

    For Father’s Day, all of the siblings took our dad out to his favorite restaurant where he could get the best steak. We also gave him a gift to drive a lamborghini around a race track . He was so excited.

    June 17, 2014 at 2:11 pm

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