Why Forrest Gump Is a Great Southern Role Model

Today marks twenty years of Forrest Gump, the film that has brought all of us so much joy over the years (and based on a book written by a Southerner, Winston Groom of Washington, D.C.). It’s hard not to think of Forrest and his journey without thinking of just how much he upholds the best aspects of Southern culture. So we decided to take a look in honor of the film’s twentieth birthday.

Like a true Southerner, Forrest liked to learn of the importance and versatility of locally-sourced ingredients in delicious food,


which he helped bring to the world,


but that doesn’t mean he forewent physical fitness for all that shrimp.


In fact, that fitness helped him turn a simple game like ping-pong into a potential solution for world peace,


but he was still a monster when it comes to SEC football, like a true Southerner.


He liked the best of Southern rock ‘n’ roll before it was mainstream, and he could dance like no one else.


Still, the most Southern thing about him is that even though he hobnobbed with celebrities and Presidents,


he remained humble, kind, and true to his word. He could always find beauty in the world, even it felt like the world was striving to not be beautiful. And what is more Southern than that?


So, Forrest Gump, we want to wish you a happy 20 years of bringing joy into our lives, and we look forward our children experiencing your pleasures, heartbreaking as they sometimes are, for years to come. Because you were always right: Life is like a box of chocolates.


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