Jimmy Fallon Celebrates Chef David Chang’s New DC Restaurant with Wing Eating Contest

August 19, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

Last week on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and David Chang celebrated the chef announcing a new restaurant in his hometown of Washington, D.C., with a chicken wing contest. While it begs the question why we don’t celebrate more life events with wing eating contests, we couldn’t be more excited to have the momofuku mastermind move Southward, especially if he brings pork buns.

Here at Southern Living, we’re big wing nuts ourselves. Here are our favorite places to get saucy.

Jennifer V. Cole, Deputy Editor and creator of the 100 Best Restaurants List

For high-brow wings, The Roosevelt in Richmond, VA confits the wings, smokes the wings, then fries the wings. And tops them with house-made hot sauce and Alabama white BBQ sauce. They are insane. IN. SANE.

Whitney Wright, Deputy Food Director and soon-to-be mama

The hot wings at BonChon in NYC are double fried and served with pickled daikon.  Not-pregnant: 12 wings.  Pregnant: 48 wings.

Zoë Gowen, Senior Homes Editor and woman of good taste

Honestly, I’m not the biggest chicken wing person. If I’m at a table where people order them, I usually have one or two (dipped in ranch, not blue cheese). But, all that changes whenever I’m at Alex’s Tavern in Memphis — it’s usually late and I lose track of how many I eat. They are deliciously spicy!

Hannah Hayes, Assistant Food Editor and person always asking, “Do I have sauce on my face?”

The chicken wings at Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Birmingham replenish my electrolytes. It’s where I was introduced to Alabama White Sauce and knew it was the one.

Stephanie Grenada, Style Editor and lady behind Southern Style Is…

I really love the rosemary wings at Birmingham’s Paramount. I normally max out around 10.

Hunter Lewis, Executive Editor and grilled wing enthusiast

Danny Bowien’s Chongqing Wings at Mission Chinese. I could do 12, max. The heat from the chiles is hot, sure, but it’s the one-two punch of the dried chiles and the Sichuan peppercorns that creeps up on you and makes your mouth go numb.


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