Babies, Bonfires, and Bourbon: ‘Jersey Belle’ Episode 4 Recap

August 26, 2014 | By | Comments (2)
Photo: Bravo TV

Photo: Bravo TV

It’s only been a week since the big wedding, but baby fever’s already in the air. The newly married couple, though, remain asymptomatic. Arden and William are still on their honeymoon while Jaime is in New Orleans, pursuing not Mardi Gras beads but a fourth child. Danielle, meanwhile, is a week out of surgery and hoping she’ll be able to conceive so she can use all the booties her mom has been crocheting since Danielle’s wedding day 11 years ago. Luci, on the other hand, is still seeking a suitable husband.

Though Jaime’s had three children the old-fashioned, birds-and-bees way, the fourth may have stranger origins. Literally, the baby might come from a pregnant stranger known as “J” who has her hands full with the children she already has. Jaime wants very much to adopt, but her husband, Michael, remains an obstacle.

Almost as much of an obstacle as Luci’s financial situation. As she explains, raising kids as a divorcee in Mountain Brook means “My children will never get an iPhone when they’re 10, a BMW when they’re 16, even though all their friends have these things.” The horror, the horror.

Let’s be real. This episode was heavier than the bonfire Arden and William, back from their honeymoon, spent the episode building with a Bobcat. Most people find a nice hole-in-the-wall po’boy shop when they visit New Orleans, not another child. If it seems like a bad idea to you, rest assured you’re not the only one. Jaime’s friends decide to confront her about the difficulties of having a fourth child, fearing only that she might “go Jersey” on them.

The episode is consumed with conversation about this. Well, conversations between everyone but Jaime and husband Michael. It leaves a little less room for humor than most episodes, especially when you consider “J,” the poor woman struggling back in New Orleans while our favorite suburbia residents stand around a bonfire the size of a house. The bourbon is slippery, and it’s only a matter of time before the truth squeaks out. Hard to imagine Michael will take it well if he hears about the potential adoption from one of Jaime’s friends.

It’s Arden who lets it loose—almost. When she asks if Jaime and Michael are going to have another child, the tension is hotter than that bonfire. So Jaime surprises Michael the next day at the office. This surprise isn’t like the old days—she used to visit him wearing only a trench coat—but it’s a doozy nonetheless.

Is 50-year-old Michael prepared to have a fourth child? Our guess is as good as his at the moment, but he promises Jaime he’ll think about it. For all the second-guessing, trickery, and deceit, the show again shows its heart: Communication and compromise are the keys to marriage.

In some ways, that’s what Jersey Belle is really about.



  • As always, the show’s best moments come when Jaime is spending time with her children. It’s no wonder she wants a fourth child—she’s wonderful with the three she already has (as evidenced by her playing the part of The Little Mermaid).
  • How great is it that Birmingham’s Dram made it into the episode?
  • Speaking of Birmingham, we finally got an establishing shot of the city! That feels like victory.
  • Luci’s date with the 22-year-old she met at the wedding was more uncomfortable than anything Michael Scott ever did on The Office.
  • I’m no lawyer, but I don’t think you can adopt a child you essentially find the way one would a kitten.
  • Jaime’s Michael says the smartest thing all show: “You really asked a woman you met on the street if she’s keeping her baby? Only you, Babe.”


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  2. Aubrey

    I am only humble viewer if the show so I don’t have too much room to speak on the issue; but isn’t there some serious ethical issues here of Jaime jumping in without an accredited adoption agency or even the blessing if her husband? I just feel like there are some red flags. I’m enjoying he recaps, thanks.

    September 2, 2014 at 1:58 am

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