The Jersey Challenge: ‘Jersey Belle’ Episode 6 Recap

September 11, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

jersey belle season 1 episode 1 e1410476149253 The Jersey Challenge: ‘Jersey Belle’ Episode 6 Recap

“It’s the great Jersey challenge: I’m going to have my Alabama Mamas in the same room as my Jersey Girls. They can fight to the death to win my favor,” Jaime begins the show with the words, signaling that we’re all in for a good time. It doesn’t hurt to learn that Tracey, Jaime’s best Jersey friend, doesn’t get along with Arden.

Apparently a year prior, Tracey met Arden and called her a bitch. Arden retorted, “I’m not a bitch. I’m a snob. There’s a difference.” And different they might be, but both monikers lead to the same reactions from viewers and friends: Stop being those things. Luckily, Arden redeems herself in the splashiest, rollingiest of ways. But more on that in a moment.

Danielle is worried about whether she should bring pearls or hats to the big city, while Arden figures she should dress like someone in The Sopranos. The stereotyping just gets worse from there, leaving us all with the same simple question that keeps popping up: Have these women met Jaime?

Take this quote, for example: “It’s really overwhelming for me to meet so many people from New Jersey at one time. They’re all loud and obnoxious. Like Jersey Shore meets Miami night club.” Arden speaks this to a camera. That’s filming a show. About someone from New Jersey. Who is her best friend.

After a night out in the club—with the pleasant double surprise of Urobi (A Tribe Called Quest) and Dres (Black Sheep) show up at the party—things take a dark turn. Jaime wakes to a text from the mother of her potential adoptive child. The mom wants an abortion. It’s telling that Jaime calls her childhood friend Tracey, rather than any of her Birmingham friends. But that storyline is quickly abandoned for real estate hunting! If you would like to browse some of the same homes they did, click here.

“I love it that my kids are going to grow up with Southern tradition,” her husband, Michael, says, as Jaime looks for homes (without his knowledge).

After some of the girls spend calories searching for lofts, Danielle and Arden order a cheese-free pizza at a New Jersey institution, stretching the premise thinner than an idle strand of mozzarella.

Don’t worry, everyone makes up over a dinner, and Arden goes full-in Jesey by dressing up to go roller skating … as a Roller Girl. It’s her shining moment, even if she admits it’s by accident.

As we enter the home stretch, the drama in Jaime’s personal life keeps building. The only question is when will it boil?


  • The long-shot of Jaime busting through an entire pizza was incredible. I would happily watch a whole show of Jaime eating unhealthy foods very quickly.
  • “You really don’t see yourself, do you?” Jaime’s friend asks Arden. It’s the most prescient question asked on the show yet.
  • Finally, a mystery solved! Some speaking shots showed Jaime with a wrist tattoo of Jersey. This episode, we get to watch her get inked. All the Birmingham friends are predictably horrified.


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