Easy Breezy 4th of July Cocktail

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.52.16 PM

Did you know that the average drinker doesn’t typically make a cocktail if it consists of more than four ingredients? And when you are entertaining a big group at a 4th of July BBQ, do you really want to worry about fussing over drinks? Austin Cocktails comes to the party prepared with ready-to-serve, low-calorie craft cocktails that are perfect to serve to your guests or take to your host. All you have to do is add ice, pour and garnish! The hardest part is deciding between the Tea Twister, Cucumber Vodka Mojito, Paradise Found or Vodkarita! Sisters and founders Jill Peterson Burns and Kelly Gasink spent two years testing the finest ingredients to bring you a refreshing and delicious cocktail using all natural fruit juices, premium vodka and organic agave nectar. It’s a great alternative to beer and wine at a barbecue or an easy crowd pleaser for a cocktail party and, just like the city that inspired them, Austin Cocktails are creative, authentic, and full of natural flavor. Cheers!


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