Start-ups With Soul: The Texas-based Lassy Project

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placeit 24 Start ups With Soul: The Texas based Lassy Project

The Lassy Project – photo from

“When a child is missing, every second counts.”

After 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway’s death in Colorado, entrepreneur John Guydon decided it was time to radically change how communities handle missing children. Lassy Project is an app designed to amplify search efforts for missing kids. Parents can create a profile, upload a picture, and post the last known location of their child which alerts the mobile network.

Guydon launched the Lassy Project in Texas in January 2015. His inspiration is personal. As a father of three he understood the distress of a parent with a missing child. “It’s about peace of mind,” says Guydon, “the real important question is what you do when you realize your child is missing.”

Lassy Project is an alternative to the typical ways that communities search for missing children. “Before Lassy Project the best you could do was call friends and family or call the police and wait for the best,” says Guydon. “Lassy Project is a better option. It’s faster and, more importantly, radically increases the odds of finding a child.”

Lassy Project has already helped in a dozen Amber Alerts and located a missing girl in Michigan. Guydon has ambitious hopes for Lassy Project. “This is not a problem only in the US,” he says, about his plans to scale globally.

“Ultimately it’s the people who make Lassy Project special,” says Guydon. “It’s a call to action.”

Those interested in joining the Lassy Project should visit
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