8 Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Most Clutter-Prone Spots

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Clutter happens. Maybe you’ve been crazy busy at work and don’t have time to clean when you get home. Or perhaps you’re traveling every weekend this summer (#weddingseason) and feel like you’re living out of a suitcase. Or maybe you’re just kind of a messy person…

It’s ok. We’re here to help. 

Organization and order is kind of our jam. Having an orderly workspace and living space makes you more efficient and less anxious. Plus, it looks pretty, and we can definitely get behind that. We’ve gathered the eight ‘most cluttered’ spaces that we constantly see in our clients’ homes and easy design solutions to help keep you and your cluttered spaces organized!

1. Your entry.

via Sabon Home

via Sabon Home

The entry to your home is literally the first impression people will get of your space, so make it a good one by keeping it clear and clean. Your entry also tends to be the place where you (and your whole family) drop everything the minute you walk in the door! Make sure you have a space for your shoes, coats, and bags. We recommend a bench or a storage solution like the cute vintage valise above!

2. Your kitchen cabinets.


via Gravity-Gravity

Organized kitchen cabinets don’t only belong in the pages of Food + Wine magazine. Take a cue from these open shelves (BOLD!) and organize dishes by type, size, and color. You won’t be overwhelmed with an avalanche of tupperware whenever you open up your cabinet drawers, and you’ll actually know where everything is when you need it!

3. Your stairs.


via Sabon Home Blog

Ok, stay with us on this. We’ve seen many a home where the stairs act as some sort of storage system that doesn’t really make sense and could even be a fire hazard. We’re not here to judge you, but you’ve got to cutitout. Enter our friendly and inexpensive solution – the household basket. Place three or four in ascending order up your stairs and they will act as the perfect place to hold your extra things!

4. Your closet.


via Pinterest

Is your closet kind of a nightmare? A closet should always be treated as a mini room. Go ahead and paint, arrange items according to color, and even add a rug! We’re particularly fond of using hat boxes for the little accessories that always seem to get lost in the shuffle. Just make sure they match your color palette!

5. Your laundry room.


via Trendoffice

If you’re thinking, ‘But no one ever sees my laundry room…’ STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! That’s what got you into this mess in the first place. Optimize your laundry room by creating a space to sort dirty clothes, fold clean clothes, and hang your delicates. You can add counter space with a fold out table, or you can opt for built in cube-inspired cabinets for extra storage.

6. Your coffee table.


via chanelbagsandcigarettes

Keep your coffee table from becoming a receptacle for used glasses and old magazines by taking some time to style it with cute accessories! Including a bouquet of flowers on your table will keep you inspired and your home feeling fresh. We recommend choosing a table with two tiers because you’ll be able to use it for storage!

7. Your bathroom counter.

styled bathroom tray wallpaper for bathrooms 8 Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Most Clutter Prone Spots

via decorpad

Makeup, toothpaste, soap, kleenex… everything needs to be within an arm’s length of distance on your bathroom counter. Organize your miscellany with sweet containers – that way you can keep your pretty little things in sight, but also orderly.

8. Your desk.


via penandpeplum.com

We’re big fans of an organized, beautiful office space. If you work from home having an orderly desk is a NECESSITY. But either way, the area where you keep important paperwork, bills, and work documents should be one of the most organized spots in your home so you stay on top of work and responsibilities. Of course papers can stack up quickly so use office desk organizers to keep papers in order and pens and supplies in neat formation.

We know staying organized can be difficult but with a little practice, the right supplies and the right ideas, you’ll be on your way to a beautifully organized home and you’ll never look back on the chaos that once was. And if you’re still having trouble getting organized, Laurel & Wolf is always here to help!

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf


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