Kitchen Essentials From Designer Melissa Haynes

October 21, 2015 | By | Comments (1)

Each week, we’re bringing you top tips, favorite products, and Q&A’s with the designers in our Coastal Living and Southern Living Designer Network.

Photo credit: Rett Peek Photography

Photo credit: Rett Peek Photography

Springdale, AR designer Melissa Haynes of MH Design, Inc. shares her favorite kitchen products and tips.

Photo credit: Rett Peek Photography

Photo credit: Rett Peek Photography

How to Style a Kitchen: 

1. With Color. Pull a color from in the kitchen or select a color to complement and weave that throughout your styling with fruit, bottles, canisters, flowers, etc.

2. Organize the chaos and get rid of the clutter. Remove everything from your counters and start adding back only what is necessary and brings life to the kitchen.

3. Be thoughtful about every item that takes up valuable counter space. Place your olive oil in a cruet, use simple coordinating canisters for flour and sugar and a utensil holder for wooden spoons, get a stand for your favorite cookbook, cut fresh flowers and place in a pitcher, and add a pretty bowl for fruit.

3 must-have kitchen products: 

1. Fantastic lighting is high on my list of the most important things a kitchen should possess. Not only for function, but for effect. Consider over-scaled fixtures to make a stylish impression

2. The “next-to-the-stove catch-all tray”. This is the home for olive oils, the pepper mill and salt container, etc. A tray or plate to organize the chaos of bottles and containers can make a kitchen feel tidy. One of my favorites is this apilco fluted dish.

3. Selecting a backsplash tile with a hand-crafted look. Whether it’s uneven glazing or coloring, crackle finishes, or variations in the shape or surface of the pieces, the look of hand-made tile gives character and can make a statement of quality in your kitchen.




  1. Monica Lavin

    These are all great tips! I love the tile that you used. It brings so much life and light to the kitchen.

    October 21, 2015 at 2:47 pm

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