Women of Worth: Meet Justinn Overton

October 23, 2015 | By | Comments (0)
Photo: Robbie Caponetto

Photo: Robbie Caponetto

Editor-at-Large Jenna Bush Hager knows that real beauty comes from within. This month, she’s highlighting four women dedicated to improving the lives of Southerners in need. 

Justinn Overton, The Environmentalist
Executive director, Coosa Riverkeeper

Her Stomping Grounds
“I love the Coosa River more than words can tell. It’s where I learned to bait my own hook, jump off docks, drive a boat, and enjoy sunsets. To some, it might be just another lake or creek you pass by, but to me, rivers like the Coosa are the heartbeat of Alabama.”

The Need
“Water pollution is detrimental to public health. It makes the fish unsafe to eat, streams unsafe to swim in, and water unsafe to drink. More than 500,000 Alabamians live, work, and play in or near the Coosa. We’re working hard to improve water quality and preserve this valuable resource.”

The Work
“No two workdays are the same. Some days, I’m meeting with community leaders and writing grants. On others, I’m out testing the water quality, helping patrol the watershed, and teaching fishermen about the 26 fish-consumption advisories on our river. No matter what, I’m happiest when I’m working outside in the field.”

Her Secret Weapon
“I blend a few drops of lavender essential oil (a natural insect repellent) with coconut oil to moisturize my skin.”

The Reward
“To know I’m educating people about the Coosa, encouraging folks to get out on the water, and protecting the place where I made memories makes me grateful.”

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