DIY Bridesmaid Flower Crown

October 30, 2015 | By | Comments (0)
Photo by Janette Wall

Photo by Janette Wall

Our autumn weddings are in full swing, and here at Southern Living, we’re loving the deep colors, beautiful backdrops, and charming Fall projects. We’ll be bringing you Southern wedding-related posts—DIY ideas, etiquette tips, real weddings and more. 

We love the intricacy of this flower crown from the talented team at Ooh Events. Perfect for bridesmaids or flower girls, these gorgeous crowns bring pops of color and texture to your bridal party’s look. Include a variety of blooms for added dimension, or try mixing burnt orange, deep purple, mustard yellow, and turquoise blue for a jewel tone spectrum.

7 DIY Bridesmaid Flower Crown

The Project: DIY Bridesmaid Flower Crown

Level: Moderate

Timeline: 2 days before wedding

Floral tape
Pruning shears/scissors
Bark-covered floral wire
Floral wire (optional)
A variety of blooms (we used Chamomile, Stars of Bethlehem, Tallow Berries, Spray Roses, Wax Flowers, Yellow Peony, Rose Hips, Crocosmia, Sea Holly, and Straw Flower)


  1. Cut a piece of bark-covered floral wire about six inches longer than the circumference of your head. Create a small loop on one end of the wire – this allows your crown to be adjusted in size when you’re finished adding blooms.
  2. Gather all the flowers you’ve chosen for your crown, and play with a combination of flower sequences until you are happy with the design. Don’t overthink it—simplicity is key to a beautiful crown.
  3. Once you’ve decided on a sequence, lay the flowers down in the order you want to tape them onto the crown. In the image above, we created an asymmetrical design by putting most of the flowers on one side of the crown. This style gives the opportunity for more versatile hairstyles, rather than just putting your hair up or down.
  4. Use the pruning shears to cut the stems of your flowers to two inches; this ensures your crown won’t be too heavy. Use the floral tape to wrap each stem individually onto the bark-covered floral wire. Continue until all blooms are attached.

Pro Tip: If you want to add in any fillers or fresh blooms on the big day, use the green floral wire to quickly wrap the new stems into your crown.


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