Top 4 Tips From Designer Vicky Serany

December 9, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

Each week, we’re bringing you top tips, favorite products, and Q&A’s with the designers in our Coastal Living and Southern Living Designer Network.

headshot1 Top 4 Tips From Designer Vicky Serany

Courtesy of Vicky Serany

Apex, NC designer Vicky Serany of Southern Studio Interior Design shares her four best decorating tips.

Courtesy of Vicky Serany

Courtesy of Vicky Serany

Combine a variety of textures – Even the most monochromatic color schemes work beautifully when a variety of materials are incorporated into a home. Try adding an area rug with texture on top of wood floors or incorporate a beautiful grass cloth wallcovering. Mix accent furniture pieces in glass, metal and wood for visual interest. Layer fabrics and leathers in unique ways for a timeless design.

Surround yourself with things you love – Your home is a reflection of your personality. Incorporate art and accessories that have personal meaning to your family. A collection of mementos or children’s art grouped together creates warmth and tells a story. Visit local art galleries when traveling so you can bring a piece of vacation home. Your home should always be evolving, so rotate and update the pieces you enjoy the most.

Courtesy of Vicky Serany

Courtesy of Vicky Serany

Make a statement with lighting – Use multiple sources of lighting in every room in the home. Layer the space with ambient or general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. By using a variety of lighting sources, the mood of a room can be easily altered. The use of timers and dimmers allow for greater control and provide interesting accents. Always invest in the best quality lamps you can afford.

Focus on function first – Your home should work hard for your family. It’s the space where you can retreat and refresh, so make sure to plan for maximum efficiency. When space planning, use appropriately sized furnishings that meet the needs of each area of your home. Get the function right first and then focus on the aesthetics. Making a statement with functional pieces is the goal!


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