Southern Living Celebrated Our New Family

January 24, 2016 | By | Comments (1)

This photo of the Matthews family, just after adopting their boys, ran in SL in April 2007.

When my husband and I married later in life, we learned that biological children were not in our future. So we ventured out into the beautiful world of adoption. As any proud Southern mama would do, the second I had pictures of my precious boys, I wore out everyone who came near me talking about all the dreams I had for them. A few months after our boys came home to us in Kentucky, I received a phone call from the Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce saying they needed a young family to be photographed for Southern Living at Constitution Square in Danville. I was beyond thrilled: my favorite magazine and the chance to show off my boys to the entire South! Many years have passed since that day, and my tiny tots are now teens, but I treasure that photo, as it shows the ultimate Southern dream of being a family! Blessings to you and your team—and here’s to another 50 years! —Amy Matthews, Harrodsburg, Kentucky


  1. Doris Trader-Moulden

    What a lovely picture!

    January 25, 2016 at 7:36 am

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