The Beer Growler: Your Super Bowl Party Game Changer

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gettyimages 521077301edit1 The Beer Growler: Your Super Bowl Party Game Changer

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Every Super Bowl party is fixed with the basics – great tailgate food, team colors, branded paper products, and, of course, beer. Instead of picking up a 12-pack from your local grocer, we recommended a better option – beer growlers.

Mike Anderson and Byron Fullmer are co-owners of Stout Brothers, a beer growler shop located in both Atlanta and Smyrna, GA.

What is a growler?
MA & BF: A growler is actually just a container, usually 32 or 64 oz in size, that allows users to take home draft beer from a local brewery or shop.

Why is a growler better than canned or bottled beer?
MA & BF: Since it’s coming straight from the tap, you’re getting beer at its top quality. Canned or bottled beer is open to a number of circumstances that can lessen the beverage’s quality – warm storage, being chilled then warmed again to room temperature, or being jostled around. A growler gives you the optimum quality beer; it’s coming straight from the tap.

How do I treat my growler?
MA & BF: Once a growler is opened, it’s best to consume as quickly as possible. When purchasing from growler shops, look for places that sell a poly-seal cap for optimum storage. These caps eliminate the opportunity for air to come in and for any mold or mildew to grow around the cap. Most caps are meant to be tossed away when you first open the growler; however, the poly-seal cap is reusable.

When opened, most beers will start to decline after 12 to 24 hours, so keep your beer sealed until right before the party. Don’t worry if you have leftovers! Brews with the poly-seal cap will last a few more days. Additionally, look for barrel-aged beers since they are lower in carbonation. Examples include New Holland’s Dragon Milk and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.

What size growler should I get?
MA & BF: Go big! A 64 oz growler is four perfect pints, or five servings if you pour glasses at around 75% capacity. Try a variety of brews for your guests. IPAs are great for bar food, rich cheeses, and anything spicy. Treat your stouts like a juicy Cabernet. Lagers, on the other hand, are great for the long haul of tailgating – they have less alcohol content and can be consumed more quickly.

What local shops would you suggest?
MA & BF: Each growler shop will sell different craft brews, which is what makes the shops so unique. Talk to your sales associate to see what they recommend. But, if you’re looking for recommendations from some great Southern breweries, we suggest Back Forty from Gadsden, Alabama; Westbrook and Thomas Creek from South Carolina; and Creature Comforts, Burnt HickoryOrpheus Brewing, and, of course, Stout Brothers, from Georgia.


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