DIY Winter Bouquet with Floral Expert Ron Wendt

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We’re in the middle of elegant winter wedding season and here at Southern Living, we couldn’t be more thrilled. This week, we’re collaborating with Ron Wendt of Ron Wendt Design, a native Texan who’s behind the exquisite floral events of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Cartier.

Don’t shy away from using beautiful, fresh flowers at your winter wedding! Winter is peak season for ranunculus, anemones, and hellebores – better known as Winter Rose. Berried foliages are also looking their best. While available year round, the silvery color and velvety texture of Dusty Miller and Eucalyptus are perfect reflections of the season. With a bit of advance notice, all of the materials we’ve used in this DIY Winter Bouquet should be easy to access from a local florist.

The Project: DIY Winter Bouquet

Level: Moderate

Timeline: A day before the wedding

Winter flowers (we used White Ranunculus, white Anemone with black centers, white Hellebores, Dusty Miller, Baby Spiral Eucalyptus, and Bush Ivy with black berries)
Green floral tape
White double-face satin ribbon
White and black saddle-stitch ribbon


1. Gather all your materials, and clean the bottom 2/3 of the stems for easier handling. This also maintains a thinner stem ‘handle’ when completed.
2. Cluster one stem of each bouquet element and bind together with green floral tape, stretching the tape to make it stick. Continue until you have at least six clusters – more, if you want a larger bouquet.

3. Start taping the clusters together, adding in one at a time. Slightly angle each cluster as you add it to achieve a balanced shape.
4. Once the last cluster is added, securely tape the bouquet together. Tape the stems about one inch from the bottom to help tighten up the bouquet – this makes a nice “handle.”

5. Dry the stems completely and wrap with satin ribbon, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the base of the flowers. Make sure to cover any exposed tape. Secure the end of the ribbon with a pearl head pin, or a dot of floral glue.

6. Cut a 36″ piece of saddle-stitch ribbon. Place the bouquet stems in the center of the ribbon, and tie around the stems where the satin ribbon starts. Wrap the two ends around to the other side of the stems, twist them, and then bring them back to the front. Twist the two pieces again and repeat back and forth up the length of the stems. This creates a ‘French Braid’ effect. Finish with a shoe lace bow at the base of the bouquet.



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