Taste Test Greenville at Small Plate Crawl

March 11, 2016 | By | Comments (2)

If Greenville, South Carolina is on your Southern Bucket List, then the end of this month is the time to visit the town with an avalanche of accolades for its picturesque downtown, natural waterfalls, independent dining scene and easy livability.

4 Taste Test Greenville at Small Plate Crawl

The Liberty Bridge at Greenville’s Falls Park


Greenville Small Plate Crawl doesn’t occur every year, but it’s a gem when it pops up, 200X200-Going2016gracing diners with a taste of the area’s best eateries (at an exceptional value).

For three days– March 22 through 24– you can visit up to 28 area restaurants for lunch or dinner offering sized-down plates priced at $4-10 each. Event menus can include appetizers, entree items, desserts, salads and snacks during Crawl.


I think a powerhouse trio would be to start at downtown’s Passerelle Bistro (the kitchen of the SC Chef Ambassador of the Upstate Teryi Youngblood), move onto Larkin’s On The River and then stroll up to Pomegranate On Main.


Greenville’s Passerelle Bistro sits adjacent to the city’s famous waterfalls with views of Falls Park.


There’s also a half dozen restaurants participating in darling Travelers Rest (just 10 minutes north of Greenville). My favorites include Tandem Creperie, Upcountry Provisions (#cinnamonroll) and the stellar Restaurant 17 at the Hotel Domestique with Chef Greg McPhee at the helm.


Restaurant 17 (3)e

Restaurant 17 at the Hotel Domestique in Travelers Rest.

No reservations are needed at any of the restaurants.

Simply go onto the event website greenvillesmallplatecrawl.com and print out a passport to guide you to participants.

It’s a great way to see and taste what Greenville, my adopted hometown, is all about. #yeahTHATgreenville


  1. Kathleen

    Ok, I’ve never been to Greenville & have no business chiming in on things I’m ignorant of. But…Just a real quick glance at the restaurants & menus & I’m wondering:
    Surely there are still some old school, blue collar, Southern eateries left in that part of the state? I know there are in the other parts of SC I’m familiar with.
    It’s a nice idea, but I miss the meat & three type restaurants we grew up with. Crackers with green “confetti” on the plate are pretty, but not my idea of a meal, or even a “plate.”
    Beautiful bridge & waterfall photo, though. Thanks!

    March 11, 2016 at 3:38 pm
  2. Carly schiano

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing. Gonna tell our town manger in Davdison that we need this!

    March 11, 2016 at 2:45 pm

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