Ice Cream Adventures

March 29, 2016 | By | Comments (1)


With temps heating up, it’s time to cool things down a bit with one of my favorite hobbies – eating ice cream. Seriously, how else are we Southerners supposed to deal with the coming onslaught of heat and humidity? Consume copious amounts of ice cream my friends, that’s how.

Fortunately, Stef Ferrari, the founder of Hay Rosie Ice Cream Co., has a new book out teaching all of us that ridiculously good and inventive ice cream can be made at home.

Ice Cream Adventures is Ferrari’s love letter to ice cream, in all its various forms, and it serves as an essential cookbook for those of you who love ice cream – or are up for a bit of adventure.

I say adventure because she had me whipping up flavors I’d never dreamed of – from Sriracha Popcorn to Brown Sugar BBQ to Cacio e Pepe. Sounds bizarre – tastes amazing!

Ferrari is also an expert on my other favorite hobby – drinking beer. She’s a craft beer expert and certified Cicerone – so I was happy to combine my love for both ice cream and booze with her unique recipes.  Ain’t life grand?

Grab a copy of this book and impress (and cool down) your guests at your next spring inspired dinner.


  1. Peyton

    I love ice cream, so I will check out her book. It just so happens that I love beer so I can’t wait.

    March 29, 2016 at 2:16 pm

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