Charleston, Here We Come

April 9, 2016 | By | Comments (1)
CHS City Takeover

Clockwise from Top Left: Middleton Place; Our staff folding the flag at Fort Sumter; Drayton Hall; Saint Alban; Coconut cake from Peninsula Grill; A night out on the town; Shops along King Street; Xiao Bao Biscuit; Garden path between homes


We’re hosting a weekend in one of our favorite cities—and you’re invited!

Late last summer the Southern Living edit staff did something we’d never done before: We piled onto a bus and took a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina. As the purported leader of the trip, I felt a little bit like Clark Griswold taking his family to Walley World
in National Lampoon’s Vacation—countless things could go wrong. What if we left the Grumpy Gardener at a Cracker Barrel on I-20? What if our bus driver drove us into Lake Oconee? But after seven hours on the road (three of which were spent designing Bitmojis of each other), we arrived safely at the Mills House Hotel on Meeting Street, greeted by its charming staff and a glass of Champagne. We were as giddy as wedding guests arriving at a reception, but we were also on a mission—to plan a special weekend celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Southern Living.

Early the next morning we sent teams all over the city with instructions to come back with one-of-a-kind experiences that capture the essence of Charleston. It got a little competitive, kind of like a grown-up Easter egg hunt. But 48 hours later we had a list of intimate dinners, garden and shopping tours, art walks, and music performances, all of which will come to life as Southern Living Live, on June 10-12. This weekend-long event is our way of acknowledging our readers’ long love affair with Charleston (which we’ve put on the cover five times) and the way the city has always represented the best of the South. The good news for Team SL is that many of our staff—from the Grumpy Gardener to Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin—will be returning to host these events, and we want you (and your mothers, daughters, husbands, and friends) to join us. For details and tickets, visit

As for our bus trip, we made it back to Birmingham without incident, though I did get a few plaintive queries about moving the Southern Living offices there permanently. A trip to Charleston can do that to you. But that’s exactly why you should go.





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