Here’s What to Do If You Accidentally Picked at Your Skin

April 25, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

It happens to the best of us: you stare into your bathroom mirror with the intent of getting at just one tiny spot, only to emerge from your haze 30 minutes later to find that you’ve managed to pick at just about every pore on the surface of your face. Because we’re only human and there’s a 100% chance that we will try to get at a blackhead as soon as it becomes apparent, we put together a comprehensive guide on what to do after the urge to pick got the better of you. Put down the tweezers, magnifying mirror, or any other tools you have nearby, and scroll down to see how you can redeem yourself.

Ice It Down
Leave the comfort of your bathroom mirror and head to your kitchen to grab an ice cube from your freezer. Work the ice over the area you picked (or the entirety of your face—no judgment) to help calm your skin and reduce swelling.

Step away from the aggressive scrubs. Sure, we totally get how your first instinct might be to bring out the big guns, but this move will inflame the situation further. Instead, use a gentle cleanser, like the Clinique Redness Solutions formula, to remove any leftover dirt and bacteria.

After a particularly intense extraction session, we like to take a very minimalist approach to our product lineup. Stick to one soothing moisturizer, like Sunday Riley’s Tidal, as hydrated skin heals at a quicker rate than dry skin. We especially love the calming effect Tidal’s water-based formula has on our irritated skin, and the fact that its brightening properties can tackle signs of scarring before they have a chance to form.

Apply Neosporin
If you’re dealing with an open wound in particular, you’ll want to keep it as clean as possible to prevent infecting the spot. Use a small amount of Neosporin over the area to help heal your skin, and to protect the area from bacteria that could slow down the process. Apply a tiny dollop, then sleep on it.

This article originally appeared on instyle.comHere’s What to Do If You Accidentally Picked at Your Skin; Marianne Mychaskiw



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