DIY Simple Chandelier

April 29, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Running a small business is like being in your 20s. Your budget is small and your dreams are big so you’ve got to be thrifty. That’s the story of my life, so, I’m always trying to make a lot happen with a little. A recent challenge: planning an event on a small budget while really wanting to “wow” a particularly crafty crowd. I had an outdoorsy themed chandelier in mind, so I started at my favorite DIY store – the backyard.


Photos by Miguel Buencamino, Holy City Handcraft



  • Round base
    • I used a Sonotube that had already been cut to about 4 inches wide because I saw it in the neighboring business’s trash. However, various objects that are easier to access would work just as well. Try a hula-hoop (as long as your lanterns are really light), a thick metal wreath ring or even an old wagon wheel. You’d be surprised what you can find on the curb or at the flea market!
  • Foliage and branches from your yard
  • Mini glass lanterns
  • Flame-less candles
  • Green and/or brown spray paint (if your round form isn’t the right color to blend in)
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • ¾” Manila or Sisal rope (the heavier your base, the thicker your rope should be)


  1. If your round base needs it, spray paint it green and brown so that it will disappear when covered with branches.
  2. Start wrapping your round anchor with leafy branches one at a time by laying them on the side and tying them on with fishing line. You’ll want to wrap it several times all over the branch so that they stay in tact. I like thin, leafy branches because they are lightweight and the smaller leaves hung nicely when the chandelier was complete.
  3. Once the outside is done, tuck a few leaves (I used magnolias) into the fishing line on the inside of your round anchor. Don’t over do it though because it could yank the line.
  4. Tie your rope twice over opposite sides of your chandelier and hang it in your desired location.
  5. Using the same rope, tie your lanterns on around the chandelier. Make sure they are tied on tightly as a dropped glass could really ruin a party!
  6. Drop flame-less candles into the lanterns and admire your work!

Note: This is a simple project that can be done many different ways. Look for something round, pick some pretty branches and have fun with it!



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