Dream Catcher-Inspired Flower Crown

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final Dream Catcher Inspired Flower Crown

Whether you’re looking for a fun festival accessory, a unique bridesmaid flower crown or just a creative summer DIY, we love this beautiful headpiece by floral expert Ron Wendt of Ron Wendt Design, a native Texan who’s behind the exquisite floral events of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Cartier.

The Project: Dream Catcher-Inspired Flower Crown

Level: Moderate

material Dream Catcher Inspired Flower Crown

Pipe cleaners/chenille stems
Raffia ribbon
1″ wide organza ribbon
Fern fronds (we used umbrella fern tips)
Partridge feathers
Glue gun (or Magnatac craft glue)


1. Twist 2 or 3 pipe cleaners together to make two separate lengths long enough to go around wherever you would like the wreath to sit on your head. Make them a few inches longer, because you will lose some length when they’re twisted together. Place a dab of glue at the end of the pipe cleaner and wrap tightly with the ribbon, securing the finished end with glue as well.

2. Twist the 2 ends of the pipe cleaners together, and continue to twist them about every inch, with a full 360-degree twist to secure. Gently pull the pipe cleaners apart between the twists so there is an oval opening.  You should end up with a helix-like length.crown Dream Catcher Inspired Flower Crown
3. Join the 2 ends together by twisting to form the wreath/crown. Place a dab of glue where they join and wrap with a piece of the ribbon so you have a neat finished piece. At this point, you have a lightweight finished wreath that you could attach anything to with glue, weave flowers and ivy through, or, as we did, tie on raffia ribbon streamers at the twist points across the back.

4. Tie small raffia bows at each twist point. You can use any type of thin ribbon. This helps to further secure the base of the head wreath as well as adding a decorative element, and can be worn just like this if you choose.
loops Dream Catcher Inspired Flower Crown
5. Add the fern fronds and feathers to the wreath, attach by dipping the end tips into the glue and allowing to set in place. This is less messy than applying the glue directly to the head wreath base, and less likely to damage what you’ve created to this point. Continue all around the wreath gluing in ferns and feathers until you feel it’s as full as you want it.

6. Attach fern fronds and feathers to the raffia streamers.  You can just tie them on, or add a dot of glue to the fern or feather and then tie on for extra security. Add as many as you like.
tails Dream Catcher Inspired Flower Crown
7. Once you’ve completed your head wreath, try it on and see if you need to add more ferns or feathers.  If you find that you have threads of glue on your finished piece, put it under a medium-heat blow dryer for a few seconds and it will melt them away. This is much easier than trying to pick them off, and less damaging.final Dream Catcher Inspired Flower Crown

8. If desired, add blooms to your crown (as shown in the image below). After you had your fun, hang it and let it dry to wear again, or leave hanging as a decorative dream catcher.

full Dream Catcher Inspired Flower Crown


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