Hand-Painted Leather Clutches

I’m always looking to discover up and coming designers that create unique and handmade pieces. I love my House Account subscription because their weekly emails are a fun way to learn about new artists and designers. A few weeks ago, I got an email that featured Ann Howell Bullard‘s clutches, and I immediately fell in love with her work! I contacted her to see about introducing her designs to my readers, and thankfully she agreed! You can really see Ann Howell’s creative side in her gorgeous clutches which are both vibrant and unique. Her handcrafted pieces are of the highest quality because they are made with real leather and hand-painted.

With no formal training in terms of leather working or art training, Ann’s life experiences translate into colors, images, feelings, and moods that she refers back to create her work. She studied English Literature and Art History at UNC Chapel Hill, and is convinced that the combination of reading books and studying art was magical. One summer in college, she interned at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. After graduating, she spent six months in India, where she says the vibrant colors and patterns had a large impact on her artistic style. After that, she enjoyed a slower and peaceful environment in rural northeastern North Carolina. Thus her work is a reflection of her diverse experiences and world travels.

Ann uses a combination of her favorite aesthetics–black and white, natural wood, neon, global textiles, abstract paintings, unfinished objects, and glitter–in order to design each clutch. Not only does she have so many different fun patterns, she also makes creative tassels and fobs that allow you to decorate or personalize your bag! Her clutches are the perfect signature piece that add a little flair to any outfit. After looking at her website, you’ll definitely want to pick one of her clutches to add to your collection!

Lavin Label Ann Howell Bullard

Lavin Label Ann Howell Bullard

Lavin Label Ann Howell Bullard

Kelli Boyd Photography


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