Reasons to Get Married in Coastal Virginia

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Growing up in Virginia Beach and getting married in Williamsburg gave me an appreciation for the diversity that Southeastern Virginia (also known as Hampton Roads) brings to the mid-Atlantic Southern region. You can drive ten minutes and hit a beach or go the opposite direction and find yourself on a farm or in an urban downtown area. While we aren’t going to boast about our infamous bridge-tunnels, we sure do have some major regional pride for why we think you should come get married with us no matter if you fly in or drive in!

Coastal 1

Photo: Dani White Photography from Tidewater and Tulle

The beaches and fresh seafood.

Virginia Beach and other surrounding cities tote some really good locally-sourced options for your wedding-related catering needs. From Chesapeake Bay crab to oysters, the local fare and beach scenery set the casual and getaway tone right for the couple looking for a true destination feel to their special day.


America’s first region.

Throw a stone and you’ll hit some kind of historical landmark of significance. History surrounds us at every corner. Jamestown and Williamsburg need no introduction for this, but you might know a gal named Pocahontas, and she probably ran through my backyard. Other famous people like Edgar Allen Poe were stationed at Fort Monroe in Hampton and 1920’s Virginia Beach was the hey-day for vacationing debutantes, authors, and celebrities. There is plenty to do to give your guests a truly unique wedding weekend experience!


There are four seasons.

From spring to winter, you get to see the full color spectrum when it comes to each season. Slate ocean blues in winter with vibrant warm colors in the fall and hearty greens in the summer, you won’t ever have a bad backdrop for the big day whatever time of year you decide to tie the knot.

Coastal 2

Photo: Chelsea Anderson Photography, coordinated by Heart’s Content Events via Tidewater and Tulle 

All military branches represented.

For the military buffs out there, Hampton Roads is proudly the epicenter of military activity on the East Coast. While the Navy is certainly the lead just in sheer numbers alone, the Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Air Force also give their own flair in restaurant themes, events, and more for out-of-town guests. Loved ones who are active duty or veterans are very respected by simple appreciation (and even local discounts). And if you’re down at the Oceanfront, keep your ears open for that jet noise!


Best wedding pros ever.

Okay, this is a bit biased, but I am definitely tooting our local horn because the wedding professionals who make dreams come true every day really are some of the best in the country. Variety in experience, locations, talents, and styles bring a rich diversity to allow couples the choice of who is perfect for their wedding teams – even from planning afar. Locals are so used to working with destination couples that it’s not even a question where you’re from (except for contracts, of course!). The moment you book your wedding here, you’re part of the Hampton Roads wedding family and anything you are dreaming up will become a reality.

Coastal 3

Photo: Rob Garland Photographers via Tidewater and Tulle

Music surrounds you.

Whether you’re at the beach during the summer for casual concerts or at the Hampton Coliseum for a big musical feast of the ears, there is literally something going on music wise every day. From 80’s cover bands (like the Deloreans) to acoustic guitar (like Jesse Chong), the local bands and musicians who can play at your wedding are a pretty talented bunch! And just to name a few, did you know that Ella Fitzgerald, Pharrell Williams, and Missy Elliot all hail from one of the seven cities in Hampton Roads? Yep, music’s in our blood.


And just like music, weddings are such a beautiful part of our local community, and we love to share that diversity with brides and grooms looking for a phenomenal wedding experience for not only their guests, but for themselves. Hope to see you soon!


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