Satisfy Your Thirst Tour Kicks Off in South Carolina

June 2, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

If summer travel takes you through South Carolina this year, you’ll want a Satisfy Your Thirst Tour map on hand. The heart-shaped state is a hotbed of beverage makers and you are cordially invited to imbibe. SYT_Horz_Positive

The handy map– on paper or app— will guide you right to the doorstep of distillers, brewers, cideries, dairy farms (even a tea plantation).

Heading to the Low Country?

Meet the nation’s youngest distiller: Chase Flowers of Lucky Duck Distillery. Chase became a licensed distiller at the age of 21 and has bottled small batch spirits every since.

His grandfather’s plumbing shop in Yemessee, South Carolina is now a stillhouse. The aqua blue exterior is hard to miss in this small southern town– worth an afternoon visit– just off Highway 95 where you can get some amazing vacation package deals. Lucky Duck’s rotating seasonal flavors of moonshine (you’ll fall in love with the apple and french toast) make a pretty gift and a delicious sip. There’s bourbon to taste too.

Lucky Duck is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am-5pm.

What do you mix with a quality spirit?

If you’re in Charleston, that would be BITTERMILK.

The handcrafted cocktail mixers are made with all natural ingredients such as local honey, American citrus and premium imported spices; and are hot bottled to remain shelf stable.  I watched them smoke honey over lit bourbon barrels and char orange peel to extract citrus oil – no joke. The warehouse alone is like stepping into Mr. Wonka’s Factory.

BITTERMILK’s Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour is divine. The Tom Collins with Elderflower is perfection. Simply add booze (or club soda if you desire a mocktail) and you’ve mixed a restaurant-quality cocktail. No garnish required.

Try all of BITTERMILK’s mixers and infused syrups at their primo cocktail establishment: The Gin Joint, on East Bay Street in historic Charleston, or simply pick up a bottle at your nearest retailer (I buy mine at Fresh Market or The Community Tap in Greenville). BITTERMILK’s goal is for you to create a superfine drink in the comfort of your southern home.

The Gin Joint is open every day by 5pm with creative sips and stellar bar bites.

To learn more about South Carolina’s Satisfy Your Thirst Tour, visit their really well done website at


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