Stylish Sun Wraps

I recently came across ZAGS, which makes stylish and colorful beach wraps that are specifically designed for sun protection. The wraps come in all different sizes and naturally protect you against the sun’s harmful UV rays with their UPF 30+ fabric. Made from naturally cool fabrics, they are free of wicking and are perfect for you and your family for sunshine filled days.

ZAGS wraps are great for the beach because they don’t stick to the sand like beach towels do! Not only are these wraps practical, but they’re also stylish. All of the designs are screen printed from the owner, Jennifer’s, original paintings. I especially loved the on the half shell shawl and oyster net designs. Definitely try one of these fun wraps and pack them for your next beach trip or boat ride. They’re a must if you have small kids – since they’re naturally cool and lightweight, they’re perfect to protect the whole family.

If you’re heading to the beach or plan to spend your summer days in the sun, check out ZAGS.

Zags Sun Wraps Zags Sun Wraps Zags Sun Wraps Zags Sun Wraps Zags Sun Wraps

Kelli Boyd Photography



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