DIY Pumpkin Wreath

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DIY Pumpkin Wreath

Here at Southern Living, we love a good DIY. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Craft Box Girls – led by craft guru and author Lynn Lilly – are creating fun, easy-to-make projects to spice up your entertaining, wedding planning, or holiday gifting. Check back every other Thursday for some DIY inspiration.

It’s fall, y’all! Even though it doesn’t really start to feel like fall until October in toasty Atlanta, I still love the thought of leaves falling, cool mornings, the smell of fireplaces, and holiday festivities brewing. I struggle with front door decor in September and between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am loving this rustic pumpkin wreath as my go-to wreath for in-between fall holidays. You know what else I love? It’s SO easy!

dsc 0595 DIY Pumpkin Wreath

The Project: DIY Pumpkin Wreath


  • Orange Deco Mesh
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Ombre Green Wire Ribbon
  • T Pins
  • Faux Fall Leaves & Sticks
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Wire Cutter
  • 12 or 16 inch Styrofoam Wreath Form
  • Scissors


  1. Unravel the orange deco mesh; gather the end together. Using the T pins, attach the gathered end to the back of the wreath. dsc 0599 DIY Pumpkin Wreath
  2. Unravel the deco mesh until it stretches across the wreath form. Cut the deco mesh leaving enough room to gather and wrap the end around the back of of the wreath form. dsc 0598 DIY Pumpkin Wreath
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the whole wreath form is covered, forming the body of the pumpkin. dsc 0601 DIY Pumpkin Wreath
  4. Create a bow with the green ribbon and attach it to wreath form using 2 T pins at the top of the pumpkin.
  5. Cut seven 18-inch strips of burlap ribbon.
  6. Fold each piece of burlap ribbon in half and twist. Secure the twist with floral wire. Attach to the wreath form right above the bow. Repeat with remaining pieces, securing them around the top of the wreath.  dsc 0606 DIY Pumpkin Wreath
  7. Use your fingers to curl each end of the burlap ribbon.
  8. Use the wire cutter to clip leaves off the faux branches.
  9. Attach leaves to the bottom of the pumpkin using a T pin. Keep adding leaves until you get your desired look.
  10. Stick a few faux branches through the deco mesh at the top of the wreath so they look they are coming out of the burlap stem. Secure in place using T pins.
  11. Display on your front door and celebrate fall!

Fall Decor


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