Inside Country Singer Frankie Ballard’s “Rock & Roll Den Of Mystery”

November 9, 2016 | By | Comments (0)
Photo courtesy of Getty

Photo courtesy of Getty

This smooth-talking country singer is best known for singles like “Sunshine and Whiskey,” “Helluva Life,” and “It Started With A Beer” – but he’s got a lot of personality, as well. We chatted with the singer on the CMA Awards’ Red Carpet to talk about his unique look, new single, and going on tour.

You’ve got a pretty impressive outfit for the CMA Awards.
FB: Manuel made my outfit. He’s a famous Nashville staple–clothier to the stars, if you will. He’s a guy that measured Johnny Cash and Elvis. So since this is the 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards, I’m thinking to myself, “Gotta step it up a notch, Frankie.” In the old days, all the country stars that we’re honoring tonight didn’t have social media–they had rhinestones. They had to come with some style and some flash, so that’s what I’m honoring.

So did you have a hand in the black peacocks on your suit?
FB: Yes. Honestly I went to Manuel and said, “I really want a peacock suit.” But he’s the one who talked me into getting it in all black. That’s so counterintuitive, you know, because it’s black tie – obviously, since it’s such an important event – and this was the way that I could take my black tie to the next level. And, of course, I can still get my plume on. A man has to strut his stuff.

You’re currently on tour right now – how is that going?
FB: I’m always on tour. I’m a road dog, though. For twelve years, I’ve been doing over 200 shows a year. So I’m always out there. I get in trouble when I don’t have anything to do. You know what they say about idle hands. It’s dangerous for me. So, I stay out there and I bring it to the people. We’ve got a new single out called “Cigarette” that’s a sexy little number, and we’re having fun playing it. We’ll be playing it all the way ‘til Christmas.

Is there one thing you always keep on your tour bus?
FB: Oh, our tour bus is quite a place. It’s a den of rock and roll and country history. There’s a lot of booze, there’s a lot of cool lighting, and there’s a lot of men in there that know how to rock the house. So, it’s an interesting place to be. It’s a place that not many people get to see, but it’s a rock and roll den of mystery.


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