Relax This Holiday Season with The Little Yoga House

November 22, 2016 | By | Comments (2)
little yoga Relax This Holiday Season with The Little Yoga House

Photos Courtesy of Alysha Rainwaters

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, especially when it comes to long road trips. An easy solution for restless kiddos? The Little Yoga House in Austin, Texas. This boutique kids-only yoga studio has created “a safe, beautiful, peaceful space just for kids and families to learn the practice of yoga.” We spoke with co-founder Abby Nagler on The Little Yoga House and what she envisions for the studio.

What was your inspiration behind opening a boutique kids’ yoga studio?
The goal of our company is to offer classes for babies in the belly (prenatal yoga) all the way through teens so that there is a class for every age along the way. Our original studio in Clarksville is set inside of an old house as we envisioned children taking their yoga practice from our house to their own and then into the world!

What’s the story of the brand’s inception?
After peeking in on a kids yoga class at a local Austin studio, the wheels started turning about creating a yoga space just for kids. I couldn’t shake the idea (or sleep that night), so i spent some time researching what was out there. I discovered a few options, and immediately registered for a kids yoga teacher training that was being offered in Houston.

In the months leading up to the training, I came up with a name (previously known as Little Austin Yoga House), had a friend design the logo and started on a website. The immense love I have for kids yoga really began during the 3 day training course, where I met my business partner An Dang and knew this is what my life’s work would be.  After many travels and training, An and I both moved back to Austin and teamed up to create The Little Yoga House brand that exists today. Together we developed the Yoga Peace School: a yoga based pre-school program, after-school yoga programs, family style yoga, a kids yoga teacher training program, aerial yoga for kids and the list goes on.

Photo Courtesy Alysha Rainwater

Alysha Rainwaters

What are your goals for the company in the next few years?
We are both big dreamers and luckily have been fearless enough to make those dreams realities. After opening our second location in North Austin this July, our eyes have been opened to the possibilities of bringing our programs to other places around the country. We have our minds and hearts set on two specific cities and hope to start the beginning phases of space hunting soon.

The brand we have created over the last 4 years is one that is inclusive to all kids and families, offers different types of programming that is accessible to all demographics, extremely high quality teachers, playful and mindful classes and most importantly an emphasis on making sure that every little (and big) yogi that walks through our doors feels empowered, loved, and safe. We developed a brand that has proven to be kid approved and trusted by parents. Our goal is for The Little Yoga House to continue expanding our reach on this path.

How would you describe the aesthetic behind The Little Yoga House?
Both An and I have backgrounds in design, so aesthetic is very important to us. Our boutique studios were designed with both kids and adults in mind, each whimsical and playful in their own ways. Our original studio is set inside of an old house and the idea was for the space to read like a storybook, each room slightly different than the other.

Neither of us have ever been fans of the traditional primary colored kids space and we wanted to make sure that kids of all ages loved the feeling of being there. The studios are filled with white and pastel hues, faux brick walls, vintage furniture, hints of Moroccan decor and big meaningful murals. The first thing most of our kids and parents say when they walk in to one of our studios is, “Wow, this place is really cool.”


Alysha Rainwaters


  1. Mary Z

    Such a fantastic idea to have a place especially for children to learn yoga. Yoga is for everybody at every age so it’s great to start young.

    November 26, 2016 at 1:17 pm
  2. nyonyasepatu

    beautiful house 🙂

    November 22, 2016 at 7:01 pm

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