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6 Reasons Why Every Cook Should Master Deviled Eggs

Why deviled eggs? We’ve got six reasons why Southern cooks worth their salt should rock this classic Southern appetizer. No. 1: They’re ours. No, we didn’t invent them (thank you, circa-6,000 BC Romans); we just perfected them. No. 2: Every self-respecting host needs a go-to recipe for deviled eggs in his or her quiver. Likewise, every guest who brings a platter to […]

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The Family Kitchen: Teaching Kids To Cook & Eat Healthy Meals

A confession: We food people preach a big game about local ingredients. We shop at local farmers’ markets and think you should too. We source humanely raised meat and fish caught using sustainable methods. Whatever your politics, local simply tastes better because it’s usually fresher than ingredients shipped across the country. Let’s face it, though, this stuff can be expensive […]

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Smoke and Pickles: A Look at Chef Edward Lee’s New Cookbook

A decade ago, almost on a whim, Brooklyn-born, Korean-American chef Edward Lee moved to Louisville, Kentucky. He didn’t set out to teach Southerners about Asian food. But he sure has opened our eyes to how we look at today’s global South. We love Edward’s bold flavors—a mix tape of Southern and Asian ingredients—and each plate’s balance of brash personality and classic […]

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Serenity Now! 11 Ways to Relax During the Holidays

One big holiday down. One more to go. There is always a point during the feasting season when all of the grocery shopping, the cheese straw making, the gift wrapping, the cocktail parties, and mostly, all of the family ruckus, well, it all becomes just a little too much to bear.

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