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Happy Holidaze!

When I took the position of Test Kitchen Director of “The South’s Most Trusted Kitchen” I was told by more than one team member that a sensory confusion would inevitably take place as we soldiered through overtly wintertime recipes in the spring and dove headfirst into summer delicacies in the middle of fall. Such is the schedule of recipe testing, […]

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Feel the Beat: Circa 1920s Egg Beater

“Son, I’ve beat enough eggs with this thing to fill up this room”, my 87-year-old grandmother said to me as she happily placed in my hand this more than old-school whisk (or “beater” as Granny calls it) after our standing Monday supper date. I’ve mentioned my grandmother in regards to a few of my past cabinet digging finds. Honestly, her […]

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Old School Kitchen Treasure: Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Every time I open up a cabinet in search of something, I always end up stumbling upon something else, usually more exciting. Yesterday, while rummaging through some very uninteresting saucepans and veggie steamers, I found a little gem of a cookbook that lost its way between two pots.

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Bring Back The Baconer

This week’s old-school gadget discovery is rooted in one of my earliest food memories. It was at my grandma’s place that I awoke on many Sunday mornings to the smell of drop biscuits baking, farm eggs lightly frying, and, of course, the food group know as bacon wafting its unmistakable aroma through the house. And besides how it tasted, one […]

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Old School Kitchen Treasure: 1960s Cocktail Shaker

We’re spring cleaning in the Southern Living Test Kitchen. We’ve been rummaging through our cabinets doing some much needed organizing and sorting before we begin testing holiday recipes (that’s right, we’re already thinking about Thanksgiving). In the process, we’ve stumbled upon some interesting finds. Our cabinets offered up a treasure trove of old school kitchen equipment. We had a great […]

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