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Bring Back The Baconer

This week’s old-school gadget discovery is rooted in one of my earliest food memories. It was at my grandma’s place that I awoke on many Sunday mornings to the smell of drop biscuits baking, farm eggs lightly frying, and, of course, the food group know as bacon wafting its unmistakable aroma through the house. And besides how it tasted, one […]

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The Bacon Shortage Is Coming!

Life without bacon: what does this world taste like? As Southerners, we shudder to imagine that reality. But it could happen, with news today that the U.K. is already facing a bacon shortage. (The culprits? Drought and high feed costs.) Now it looks like the U.S. could be next in what some are calling “porkocalypse.”

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Out to Dinner, Stop 2: Charleston, SC

(Photo by Jennifer V. Cole) Anyone who has read any of my Tales from the Road posts has surely picked up on a theme. From nostalgic musings on bacon grease to recounting a muddy afternoon spent with feisty pigs in a North Carolina pigsty to my ode to Donald Link’s Cochon restaurant–when it comes to pork, I’m like a kid […]

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