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Chattanooga’s Boutique Hostel: The Crash Pad

Photo by Kelsey Snell Staying at a fancy hotel can be thoroughly decadent and oh-so fun, but most of the time you just need a clean place to stay. Leave it to Chattanooga, one of the South’s most rugged and eco-progressive cities, to raise the bar on budget lodging. In the mix of the galleries and lofts in the revitalized Southside […]

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My Own Appalachian Trail Journey

My first hike on the AT felt like I stepped into a perfect postcard. October’s blue skies served as a backdrop as I plodded up a steep trail through gold and russet leaves. I was walking up my first rugged mountain: North Carolina’s Standing Indian (5,498 feet) with a group of six friends, and we told stories and sang songs along the […]

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Beginning the Appalachian Trail

(Photos by Art Meripol) "Black bears rarely attack. But here’s the thing. Sometimes they do. That doesn’t happen often, but – and here is the absolutely salient point – once would be enough." – Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods I took several walks in the woods this weekend. The jaunts led me along leaf-covered paths of yellow poplar, […]

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