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Choose Your Sweetest Flowers

What is the sweetest flower of all? Answer that question and I can probably tell what’s growing in your garden. Of all our senses, I think smell is the one most closely linked to memory. A single whiff of a flower instantly transports you back to a time and place when you encountered it as a child.

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Pick the Right Magnolia

I just smelled a Southern icon and it wasn’t Elvis. No, it was the sweet perfume wafting from the enormous white blossoms of our native Southern magnolia. Is a magnolia a good choice for planting in your yard? It really depends on how much space you have.

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Preserving Magnolia Leaves for the Holidays

Greetings, Thanksgiving survivors! Now that you’re wondering what to do with all of that left-over squirrel, I know you’ll appreciate some helpful holiday decorating tips that will effectively obliterate any free time you have between now and Christmas! Debbie asks: “We are getting ready to trim some limbs from a scraggly magnolia.  I would love to preserve the leaves for […]

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