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The Best Darn Maryland Crab Soup Recipe By Chef Jordan Lloyd

There is nothing more quintessentially ‘Eastern Shore’ than its seafood. Oysters, rockfish and the Chesapeake Blue Crab are the Bay’s local triad of ingredients that have made the region famous across the country. The hidden secret of the Eastern Shore, however, is its own homegrown restaurants where the seafood hits the table the same day it’s pulled from the water. […]

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Mike Isabella’s Bandolero Opens In DC

Chef Mike Isabella Photo: Greg Powers Every day is Dia de los Muertos at Mike Isabella’s new restaurant Bandolero in the busy Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The Top Chef All-Stars runner-up opened his second restaurant yesterday, but he wants you to know this is no run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurant. Mike nixed the mind-numbing mariachi music and technicolor take and opted for […]

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