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Miami Nice! Grumpy Scouts for New Plants

Being the Grumpy Gardener is no cakewalk, believe me. In my never-ending quest to keep YOU on the forefront of gardening’s newest trends, I must often leave behind my family and travel to distant lands where the skies are never gray and the air is never cold — for DAYS at a time. This past week’s epic voyage to the […]

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Holiday Plants — Before & After Care

Well, it’s that favorite time of year again, when we abandon all notions of rest and relaxation and scurry maniacally through the malls, trying to make sure any present we give someone is worth at least as much as the one they give us. No doubt, some of these gifts are holiday plants that someone will give you. Here’s how […]

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Myth Busted! Poinsettia Isn’t Poisonous!

OK, how many times have you heard people say something like this? “Be sure to keep poinsettias away from children and pets, because they might eat the leaves and get poisoned.” Poinsettia or Poison? Hold Me, I’m Scared! Poinsettias are NOT poisonous. The milky sap might not look appetizing (which is why very few sentient people would actually eat the […]

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