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10 Awful Weeds and How to Kill Them

What is a weed? A weed is any plant that’s growing where you don’t want it. Some weeds are ugly. Some are pretty. But nearly all share the nasty habit of growing out of control, coming up everywhere, and making you want to shut yourself in a dark room watching Wendy Williams trash Hollywood celebrities. That’s bad. How can you […]

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A Pox on Privet! It’s Only Logical

Chinese privet in bloom. Grumpy recently received a sub-space message from a person claiming to be “Mr. Spock” of the USS Enterprise. Spock takes exception to a previous post called “Five Awful Plants for the Front of Your House,” which characterized privet as a noxious weed. “My hedge in East Hampton doesn’t look anything like that,” claims Spock. “I’m constantly […]

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Five Awful Plants for the Front of Your House

Sometimes in order to get people to do something good, you have to make them understand what’s bad. With that thought in mind, I’ve selected five of the worst things you can plant in front of your house. Some are ugly; some are monstrous; some get bugs and disease; and some manage to do all of these things. Undoubtedly, some […]

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