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Still Too Early To Transplant

Lots of readers are peppering Grumpy these days with questions about transplanting. A common thread is people have a tree or bush that’s too big for the spot it’s in, so is it OK to move it now? Grumpy’s answer — a big, fat noooooo.

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Can I Transplant This Fall?

Three questions consume America’s thoughts right now. 1. Is Christine O’Donnell a witch? 2. Has Rick Sanchez’s IQ ever approached his body temperature? 3. Is fall a good time to transplant? The answers are, in order: Yes, no, and yes. I’m guessing most of you already knew the answers to the first two questions. No surprises there. But lots of […]

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Gardening for the Common Man

Despite his regal demeanor and amazing ability to master all skills and realms of human knowledge, Grumpy remains a man of the people. He knows what it’s like to get his hands dirty (right before his assistant hurries over to wash them off). And he isn’t afraid to admit a mistake, even though up until this point he has never […]

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