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At Last! An Easy Way to Kill Violets

Never abandon hope is the lesson I impart today. On a recent Grumpy Gardener page in Southern Living, I sadly broke terrible news to a reader whose lawn and garden was submerged with violets. There is no spray to kill violets, I said. The only control is getting down on your hands and knees and digging nonstop for approximately 18 […]

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Who Wants to Kill Violets?

Violets are such sweet, little wildflowers that it’s hard to believe that anyone other than Dear Leader would want them dead. But believe it or not, Grumpy regularly receives requests for advice on how to eradicate these gentle plants. Has the world gone over to the dark side?

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Miami Nice! Grumpy Scouts for New Plants

Being the Grumpy Gardener is no cakewalk, believe me. In my never-ending quest to keep YOU on the forefront of gardening’s newest trends, I must often leave behind my family and travel to distant lands where the skies are never gray and the air is never cold — for DAYS at a time. This past week’s epic voyage to the […]

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