Free Art in Dallas


(Photo by Taylor Bruce).

Renowned abstract expressionist sculptor Mark di Suervo is the man responsible for the large, apple-red anchor to the Dallas Museum of Art on Ross Avenue. It’s becoming iconic in a city gone wild for the arts. His pieces – made mostly from welded I-beams and heavy guage metal – can also be seen in other  spots in Dallas: Meyerson Symphony Hall; Northpark Center; and the Nasher Sculpture Center in the thriving downtown arts district.

Perhaps the path less traveled by art lovers in Dallas is actually the least costly, a free walking tour of publicly displayed works. Check out the Dallas Foundation’s well-routed and easily mapped stroll (or drive) through the South’s sculpture capital next time you need a creative fix. Or have a some free time. The grass under the red piece called Ave makes for a perfect picnic spot.

If you live in Kentucky, Florida, DC, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, or many other states outside the South, Mark di Suervo’s wonderful industrial sculptures can be seen in a host of museums, parks, and gardens.


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