Mole Control

June 16, 2008 | By | Comments (3)

Q: Our neighbors have moles that have destroyed their lawns and about three weeks ago we noticed some tunnels.  Since then, we have more and now tunnels in our flowers beds at the front and back of the house.  We put down Triazicide in March and again just recently.  This was recommended by the local garden center.  Anything you can suggest?
Thanks for your help.
Jim and Brenda   (Who love a nice looking lawn and gardens)

A: Many people apply lawn insecticides in the mistaken belief that if they kill the grubs and bugs that moles eat, moles will go elsewhere. (I, in fact, at one time suffered from this delusion, until I adjusted my medication.) Unfortunately, this rarely works. Moles primarily dine on earthworms and you don’t want to kill earthworms or your soil will suffer. The best control is a trap. To use one effectively, you have to locate an active tunnel. Find one that goes straight for 10 feet or more and stomp it flat for 6 inches or so. If the tunnel is repaired, you’ve found an active tunnel. Every active tunnel needs a trap.

(Note to PETA — These traps kill moles. So do cats. Feel free to picket my cat.)

You can choose from several types of traps, such as the “harpoon trap” (gee, I wonder how that works?) or the equally diabolical “scissors trap” (I think I saw one on “Indiana Jones”). Deploying them correctly is the key. Here’s a link for an excellent discussion of how to do this: www.the*mole** control*.htm
Now you’re probably wondering, where do we get these traps? Home centers might have them, but an excellent mail-order source is Gempler’s. Go to  How’s that for service?


  1. Martin

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    August 12, 2014 at 5:02 am
  2. Laura

    Check out this blog post for help with setting mole traps, from a professional mole catcher

    August 10, 2014 at 12:24 pm

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