BB King Museum Coming in September

BB King Building

(Photos by Bill McKinney)

Driving through the Mississippi Delta on Hwy. 82, we stopped at a BBQ spot in Indianola. I had heard there was a BB King Museum in the works, and the purveyor of pork at Big Daddy’s BBQ told us just where it was–101 South Sunflower Avenue.

Sure enough, just across from the police station, an old cotton gin provides the anchor for a museum honoring Indianola’s most famous Blues man.  Young Riley B. King worked in that gin as a teenager, and in mid-September it will be a testament to his life and the Delta Blues.  it’s still a little rough around the edges, but should be ready for visitors by the Fall.  For more info, check out And for some great concert photography of the man himself, see

BB King Museum Sign

BB King Museum Interior


  1. Lamar Cole

    It Ain’t Snowing in Memphis
    Looking out the window.
    Feeling cold inside.
    It ain’t snowing in Memphis.
    Chilling to the bone.
    Baby by my side.
    It ain’t snowing in Memphis.
    How I wish I were in Memphis.
    Walking down Beale St.
    Sipping on a Coke.
    Hearing BB sing the Blues.
    Cause it ain’t snowing in Memphis.
    Cause it ain’t snowing in Memphis.

    September 2, 2008 at 2:58 pm