Go Local in Dallas: Reasons 16-20


Continuing our local’s look into the city of Dallas, here are the next five reasons to visit Big D. Also, I didn’t mention that this list of 25 is not ranked. It’s a sum-greater-than-the-parts deal. OK, let’s get to it.

16. They’ve painted the town.

Oak Cliff is the artist enclave in Dallas. In the colorful fray, you’ll find mural vituosos Jeff Garrison and Chris Arnold, the big thinkers behind such projects as "The Storm," shown above, and "Mass Transit," below. The silent conductor makes his cement symphony in the downtown Arts District, near the museums. On "Mass Transit," notice the size of the cars parked below the boy pulling his town train for scale appreciation. I found myself mesmorized by the eneregy on the huge parking garage and quite inspired by such grand projects. For further info on Jeff and Chris, check out the Oak Cliff write-up here.


17. This Rattlesnake went to the bar. Dean Fearing is a food god around Dallas. So when we heard he was leaving the Mansion (collective gasp!) and heading up food/drink at the Ritz-Carlton’s new venture, the SL team waited with high expectations. I’m here to report his only mistake: The Rattlesnake Bar is so cool, you might never make it into the dining room. Happens to the best of us. Dark enough for mood, glowy for effect, and as handsome as a thoroughbred — Dean’s outdone himself with the ‘snake.


18. Fashion stars on the rise. I am by no means a guru — though I do love dancing with a lady in a pink BCBG — but Dallas seems to be the non-NY/LA fashion capitol of the US. Besides Fashion Week, the Market, and flagship Neiman’s, Dallas is also home to a newish contest, Texas’ Next Top Designer, spotlighting the Lone Star’s most creative and undiscovered talents in the clothing universe.

19. Drive to Denton. OK. I get it. Sending you all to a northern suburb in a Local’s Dallas piece seems ironic. But, some of the finest live music in Dallas happens in the college town of Denton. If I had to narrow it to two musically-inclined events, do this: Saturday morning pickin’ sessions on the courthouse square, then a nighttime get-down at Dan’s Silverleaf two blocks away. I’ll be bringing you much much more on this live music gem soon.

20. Catch the train. From pre-dawn to near midnight, trains connect the DFW metroplex. Who doesn’t love a train? What kid wouldn’t LOVE to hop the locomotive and ride from downtown to the Fort Worth Stockyards? Well, it’s not difficult at all. Day passes are $3. Single rides, $1.50. All aboard.



For REASONS 21-25, click here.


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