I-95 Survival Guide

September 3, 2010 | By | Comments (3)

Headed somewhere on I-95 for summer's last long weekend? You're not alone. This 2,000-mile artery threads through 15 states from Maine to South Florida and sees more VMTs (vehicle miles traveled) than any other American road.

If you'll be driving a stretch of I-95 this weekend, tune in to NPR for the latest segment in their Weekend Edition series, I-95: The Road Most Traveled. The series, which started a couple of weeks ago and ends this holiday weekend, takes an in-depth look at this essential interstate, providing some welcome distraction from any bumper-to-bumper traffic you may be facing.


I spoke with producer Marilyn Geewax, who explored how this interstate has shaped so many aspects of life in the communities it touches — from interstate commerce and local economic growth to travel and tourism. One of the most intriguing things she discovered: "It's really two interstates with a missing link," she says. A 12-mile stretch in south New Jersey, left incomplete when construction was thwarted by local protests from the community in the early 1980s, shows the gap. This last stretch will be completed this month.

If you don't catch Weekend Edition on the air, you can read the series (or listen online, or download a podcast) here at NPR.org

I-95 Survival Guide: 



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