Moon Pie Over Mobile: A Southern Icon Rings in 2011!

December 31, 2010 | By | Comments (3)

Happy New Year from Mobile, Alabama, where the city is preparing for a huge MoonPie drop to ring in the New Year. Although it’s the third time for a MoonPie incarnation to fall from the heavens, this year’s event is bigger than ever, featuring a new 600-lb electronic MoonPie. (Well, an homage to one. This one is not edible!)

Here it is hoisted high above RSA Bank Trust Building, where it will fall at the strike of midnight, complete with fireworks and a laser light show.


This is the third year for the MoonPie to descent above the Azela City, but the first time the celebration has moved downtown, where crews are preparing for a huge Mardi-Gras like street party. Parade? Check? Activities for kids? Check.The O-Jays singing “Love Train?” Check.

The event has resulted in a city is abuzz with Moon Pie fever. Last night, “Sweet Home Alabama” played on Royal Street, while the MoonPie rehearsed its grand entrance. At the Mobile Carnival Museum and Serda’s Coffee they’re preparing for MoonPie tosses. Even the Gulf Coast Exploreum is getting in on the action, with a “Science of MoonPie” exhibits. Doesn’t get more Southern than that.

Why Moon Pies on New Year’s Eve? in short, Moon Pies are the traditional “throw” during Mobile’s Carnival season, which begins in just a few days. (For a great history behind these traditions, check out this piece by Steve Joynt of the Mobile Press-Register.)


If you happen to be in Mobile tonight, look for a masked Southern Living editor — she’ll be throwing Moon Pies from a certain parade float …


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  2. Red Bottom Heels

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  3. Marie

    hahaha! I LOVE Moon Pies! Just thinking of them takes me back to my youth. The idea of them having a laser-show and fireworks, to “drop” the sign, is hilarious! Its the first time I’ve ever wished to be in Alabama for NY haha! 🙂

    February 1, 2011 at 6:45 am

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