Get Your Game On: Our Tailgating Cookbook Hits Stands Today

August 21, 2012 | By | Comments (3)
Tailgating Cookbook

Order it here, Photo courtesy of Oxmoor House

Can’t wait for the football season to start? Neither can we. Like you, the staff at Southern Living is counting the days, hours, and minutes until the first kick off on August 30. Our die-hard tailgaters (led by Test Kitchen Director Rebecca Kracke Gordon) are planning menus, dusting off coolers, and pulling out the pom-poms. Seriously, folks, we are good at this.  Experts even. That’s why we’re so excited to share ideas, recipes, and tips in our very own Southern Living The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook ($19.95, Oxmoor House), out today.  If you love to tailgate as much as we do, you must have this book.

Like politics and religion, we try not to discuss our favorite teams at the dinner table, but the tailgate is where we all come together. We won’t tell if Auburn fans choose to serve Gamecock favorite Lowcountry Boil,  or if a wayward Gator ‘gater puts Wooo Pig Sooie Ham-Stuffed Biscuits with Mustard Butter on the menu. The 150 recipes–all tested by the South’s Most Trusted Kitchen–are that compelling.  In the interest of fairness, we even highlight each of the 14 SEC school’s game day traditions, character, and hometown flavor.

Drinks also get star treatment here–each school has its own non-alcoholic beverage, from the LSU Purple Prowler, to the Florida Flojito. (A wee dram of alcohol in each will liven things up, if you prefer.) And you’ll end the celebration on a sweet note with decadent team cupcakes. Speaking strictly as non-partisans, we’d choose The Lightning-Fast Turtle (MS State), and The Lemonade Stand (Auburn).

Rebecca oversaw every recipe, tip, and suggestion included in the book. (Trust us: you’d want to have her on your team.)  She says “Everyone wants to be invited to be a part of something grand, spectacular, and richly rooted in tradition. And whether you’re a season ticket holder or tailgating in your own backyard, the book is sure to make your football celebration a winning success.”  With Rebecca calling the plays, you can bet your gathering will be delicious and memorable.

Purchase the book from, and major booksellers including, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million, as well as in grocery and discount stores throughout the Southeast.

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